12ft Tall Sky Dancing Tube

R5,731.21 incl VAT

Using unique technology, these dynamic inflatables dance around, generating attention and creating “have to watch” motion.

Made of rip-stop parachute nylon material.

Many designs to choose from or custom design one for you

Requires one an Air Blower Fan to operate which is sold separately.

Made to Order

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Please note the lifespan of these products are dependant on various factors:

  • Where they are used (not suitable for dusty areas or sandy conditions), please ensure that the surface the surface under the fan is clear of any loose debris which may result in being sucked up into the fan and then shooting up into the Sky Dancer possibly resulting in tears occurring in the material.
  • Frequency of use (best to be used for special events and promotions)
  • Not to be used in the rain or near water (Fan uses 220v electricity which may result in an electrical shock)
  • Best to be used in open areas (ensure that Sky Dancer does not fall into on coming traffic or people)
  • Expected lifespan under normal circumstances 2-3 months
  • Common sense applies the better you look after them the longer they are likely to last you.
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