4001 Solar Commercial 12/24v Jump-Starter Heavy Duty

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This versatile Heavy Duty unit provides endless jumps for auto lots, auction houses, fleet operations, implement dealerships, agricultural operations, construction operations and other environments where heavy duty jump starting is a regular occurrence.

Model No. 4001 accommodates two user-installed batteries (up to Group 31 size) to deliver its jump starting power and features 10-foot 1/0 jumper cable leads, enabling easy access to the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. It features an enhanced, automatic charging system that enables easy charging and maintenance of the installed batteries when not in use. The charging system can be optimized to properly charge both flooded or AGM battery types.

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The 4001 Heavy Duty Jump-Starter features an exclusive Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection safety features. Combined with a remote start switch, for the ultimate in operator and vehicle safety, the unit powers the output leads only when a correct connection is made, avoiding costly damage from starting errors.

This Model No. 4001 is designed to be used with (2) installed Group 31 batteries (not included with your purchase) equipped with top-mounted, threaded stud terminals, with a starting capacity of 900-1200 CCA each.  Smaller batteries can be installed, but this will likely result in decreased starting power and care will need to be taken to ensure that the batteries are properly secured in place.

When installing flooded (wet cell) batteries, use batteries with sealed top or with screw type flush fill caps. This will help reduce acid leakage should the unit be inadvertently laid flat or turned over.

A high quality battery emits fewer gases as it recharges. Using a high quality battery will extend charger and wiring life. Battery acid and petroleum resistant wiring is used in this unit. Battery fluid level (wet cell batteries) must be checked every 30 to 45 days.

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