Backing Plate FlexyFr Anti Rattle 520mm

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THE ANTI RATTLE Number plate holder has been specifically tested and has been shown to be ideal for South African conditions and is SANS 973 approved in accordance with South African Department of Transport. Due to it’s unique curved design this number plate attachment frame is effectively pulled onto it’s 4 corner rubber mounting grommets when being fitted effectively placing it under tension and thus eliminating future rattles which in turn might result in the whole number plate attachment frame and the number plate itself from falling off.

Included in your purchase of this product is the option to fit a number plate branding strip (minimum quantities apply) These branding strips are easy to attach and can also be added to almost all existing number plate attachments in the market in South Africa today.

Simply clip on the the base of any number plate attachment frame (that doesn’t have a strip already)or holder and secure with the 2 screws provided thus saving on costs and reducing he need to throw away. Each Flexy Frame comes complete with 4 white peeled rivets to affix number plate to holder, 2 screws and 2 washers for attaching the attachment frame to the vehicle

Also available but not included are Custom Designed spreader nuts for attaching directly onto plastic bumpers (Simply drill 8mm holes into bumper insert spreader nuts align horizontally to fit grooves on holder fasten with self-tapping screws supplied)

Minimum Quantities of 100 units required, price includes free branding strip.

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