Ballistic Rubber Blocks and Panels (made from Recycled Rubber)

R391.30R780.00 Excl. VAT

These Ballistic blocks and panels are from 100% recycled tough and flexible vehicle tyres, combined with polyurethane for added strength and durability, our ballistic blocks aim to absorb projectiles and fragments, eliminating ricochet, rebound and bullet fragmentation. As well as improving safety, the blocks also significantly reduce noise levels and airborne lead.



Technical Specifications

Product Description Eco Ballistic products are manufactured from a mixture of recycled rubber fibers and a polyurethane binding agent in a steel mould under high pressure to produce a dense,

uniform block.

Production colour is black (standard) but the product can be coloured to the customer’s requirements.

Benefits Eco Ballistic products over a reduced carbon footprint and are designed to provide outstanding live fire ballistic protection in military, police and civilian shooting ranges, both indoor and outdoor. The use of Eco bullet blocks results in a large reduction in lead dust propagated from repeated range firings.

Area of application Military, police and civilian shooting ranges, indoor, outdoor and mobile.

Composition The material is a combination of consumer recycled thermoset elastomer (SBR) aggregate and a polyurethane elastomeric binder. The content of recycled is 90% minimum derived from used tyres.

Dimensions Manufactured to 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm and weigh 22kgs for hand guns and 300mm x 300mm x 200mm with a weight of 29kgs for all firearms. The ricochet tiles are classified as medium duty and measure 500mm x500mm x 45mm and weigh 9kgs.

Toxicity Eco Rubber is non toxic and non-hazardous.

Appearance Blocks of 500mm x 500mm x 100mm and weigh 22kgs for handguns and 300mm x 300mm x 200mm with a weight of 29kgs for all firearms. The ricochet tiles are classified as medium duty and measure 500mm x500mm x 45mm and weigh 9kgs.

Fire resistance Granulated rubber is non-flammable according to the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, 16 CFR 1500.44

Price indication:

500mm x 300mm x 200mm – R780.00 ex vat each

500mm x 500mm x 100mm – R740.00 ex vat each

500mm x 500mm x 45mm – R350.00 ex vat each

Noise Reduction The sound absorption coefficient is indicated in ISO10534-2 Standard showing that these materials have satisfactory acoustic properties

Static Ecofibre Rubber isolates static electricity.

Durability Ecofibre rubber has exceptional longevity, and is resistant to weather, water, moisture, ultraviolet rays, and is resistant to physical impact.

Painted UV-resistance – This would be based on warranty offerd by the paint supplier’s warranty.

Moisture behavior Excessive water can impair eco fiber rubber safety performance. To prevent this, a drainage system may be necessary.

Safety Ecofibre Rubber exceeds ASTM Standard F1292-99 for impact attenuation.

Prep/ Installation The range end walls must be laid on a smooth, level surface and constructed to range requirements. The ricochet tiles are bonded to the range walls using the adhesive provided by the manufacturer. The range walls must be smooth and free of dust and moisture.

Cleaning & maintenance Wash with detergent as required. Repaint and patch annually in high-traffic areas.

***Please note***

Eco Ballistic Blocks are not tracer proof, if this is required we need to quote accordingly

Eco Ballistic Blocks need to be used for the application they are intended for otherwise damage to the blocks will occur

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Additional information

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