Ctek CS ONE EU 12v 8Amp Battery Charger (with APTO technology)

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Fully automatic APTO (Adaptive Charging) Technology, for every type of 12V lead acid or lithium (12V LiFePO4) battery. New polarity free clamps that can be safely connected to either charging point. Easy to use, easy to operate – no buttons to press or modes to select. Clear, bright display shows you how long is left until the battery is charged and ready to go. Additional functions (RECOND, WAKE UP, SUPPLY & ADVANCED SETTINGS) available via the CTEK App. 5 year warranty


CTEK launches a revolutionary new battery charger and maintainer, with APTO technology

Ctek has just launched the revolutionary CS ONE, a powerful new battery charger and maintainer with APTOTM (Adaptive Charging) technology. The CS ONE is the smartest battery charger that CTEK has ever made – cutting-edge APTOTM technology does all the thinking for you, no need to worry about battery type, size or even positive and negative clamps, so it’s also extremely safe and easy to use.

The CS ONE is super smart, automatically delivering charging and conditioning programmes for any 12V lead- acid or lithium battery, without the need to select modes or press any buttons. For complete safety and peace of mind, the CS ONE features spark and polarity free clamps that will automatically recognise positive and negative terminals so you will never make a wrong connection again. It’s also spark free so that you do not have to worry about them touching together whilst connecting. An easy to follow countdown indicator shows clearly how long to go before the battery is fully charged and even when you can restart a flat battery.

The CTEK App unlocks additional functionality too such as RECOND, SUPPLY and WAKE-UP.

It’s the world-first truly adaptive battery charger and maintainer, and we are really excited to share this completely new revolutionary approach to battery care.


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