Inflatable Flying Blimps

R22,584.16 incl VAT

Fly your Brand high – for all to see.

Giant inflatable blimp, zeppelin. 5 meter long.

Comes with a 1 year carry in warranty on the workmanship only. Requires helium to float in the sky Please beware that proper care needs to be taken when using the Blimp – Every night the Blimp should be pulled down as well as in windy/stormy weather and kept in a sheltered area.

Main Advantages: Message high in the sky, collapsible, unique and novel – will be seen by everyone from miles around

Disadvantages: Dependent on weather and the cost of helium

Demand attention with these high flying, eye catching Blimps! These Giant 17′ (5 meter) Blimps are made of reusable lightweight polyvinyl.

Branded on both sides. The blimp is 5m x 6.2m and hold approximately 410 cubic feet / 11,609 litres of helium.

Made to Order

Helium requirements:

  • The balloon will use approximately 1 cylinder of helium to fill.
  • The gas can be purchased directly from My Gas/Afrox at approximately +/- R2895-00 per cylinder.
  • Lift weight is 5 kg. Includes nylon harness, 32m. of nylon tether line, a vinyl repair kit and an inflation hose.

It takes approx 7-10 work days to manufacture from signed off artwork

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