Memory Cord Solar Connector ESA30

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Turns any portable jump-starter (Booster Pac) with a power port into a vehicle memory saver.

What we have found is that it is generally universal.  The connector itself is universal – every vehicle equipped with an OBD port has the same port.  Almost all vehicles use the same pin (on the connector port) for this process, though we populate almost all pins, so if a specific make used a different pin, we should have that covered.

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Where we run into issues is on vehicles with abnormally high draws when you are in a KOEO (key off, engine off) situation.  We already recommend letting the vehicle sit for 15 minutes after KOEO to let the various systems power down, but some vehicles take much longer and/or have excessive draws.  As a for instance, we have seen some trims of the BMW X5, X6 models that overtax the system and create too much draw on the OBDII connection.  We have recommended not using the memory saver cord on those.  In addition, some OEMs warn against use of these devices and against using the OBDII connection as a power conduit.  An example of this is Volvo.

As a general rule of thumb, the memory saver cord is a very effective way to keep vehicle systems powered during a battery change.  In addition, in our opinion, it is much safer than alternative methodologies, such as connecting jump starter leads to the battery cables themselves.

Memory Saver Connector Cord ESA30

  • Turns any portable jump-starter (Booster Pac) with a power port into a vehicle memory saver
  • Used in conjunction with a jump starter, it will preserve vehicle codes and electronic presets while a vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Compatible with all Booster PAC, Truck PAC (12v) Models except ES8000 (24v)
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