Ctek MXS10 – 12Volt 10Amp Battery Charger Professional Battery Charger / Power Supply

R4,868.77 incl VAT

MXS 10 UK – Commercial application – 2 year warranty

– Ideal for car dealers, fleet owners and workshops

The MXS 10 gives you state of the art technology and is ideal for professional use in workshops or on the showroom floor.

This would be the entry level charger.

For your EFB & AGM battery types.

Part no. 56-818

The MXS 10 can be paired with comfort indicator clamps to simplify the charging process,  when you have multiple vehicles on the showroom floor.


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For larger vehicle batteries, supply function

The MXS 10 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers 10A to 12V batteries from 20-200Ah and is also suitable for maintenance charging up to 300Ah. It includes battery diagnosis to establish whether your battery can receive and retain a charge, a Recond mode for restoring and reconditioning stratified and deeply discharged batteries, a winter program for charging in cold weather and an AGM option which maximises the performance life of most Stop/Start batteries. The MXS 10 also has a temperature sensor for optimised charging and it can even be used as a power supply source for 12V equipment.


  • Maintains larger batteries up to 300Ah
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Comes with Connect – Eyelet and Connect – Clamp connectors
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • Safe spark free operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Short circuit proof
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